Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Saskia + Darren | love

I love this story.
Saskia and Darren met late last year and that was that....They were married on a beautiful Monday in a Battery Point  park a few weeks ago. It was one of the most beautiful weddings I have been at. Saskia and Darren rode off on bikes with me running behind... pretty fun... and sweaty!

Make sure you check out in the next week or so the beautiful photos of Lisa K. Lisa took photos while Saskia got ready and I guarantee they will be beautiful x

Saskia_Darren_16January2012_0036 copy
Saskia_Darren_16January2012_0272 copy
Saskia_Darren_16January2012_0532 copy
Saskia_Darren_16January2012_0959 copy
Saskia_Darren_16January2012_0999 copy
Saskia_Darren_16January2012_1073a copy copy
Saskia_Darren_16January2012_1081a copy
Saskia_Darren_16January2012_1232 copy
Saskia_Darren_16January2012_1377 copy
Saskia_Darren_16January2012_1427 copy
Saskia_Darren_16January2012_1465b copy
Saskia_Darren_16January2012_1517 copy
Saskia_Darren_16January2012_1668 copy


  1. Well my dear you've done it again! These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Love the one with the cop on his bike too ha ha!

  2. Beautiful people, beautiful wedding, beautiful photos

  3. Amazing! I'm so glad I've recently discovered your work. It just blows me away - so creative yet so natural, so beautiful and real.
    I can't even pick a favourite - love them all. I especially love the photo frame wall they had!

    Donna Seen (we met yesterday with our cameras, and I must admit I felt a little star struck!) :D

  4. i fell in love with every photograph. what a beautiful wedding. the bicycles were perfect!