Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tasmania AIPP Epson awards | Wedding album of the year

So happy to receive the award for Wedding Album of the year in the Tasmanian AIPP Epson awards.
It wouldn't be an album without the bride and groom..... Lindene and Mark.  Thankyou  xx
Many other aspects go into making a  wedding wonderful....
The amazing location of Avalon Coastal retreat on the East Coast of Tasmania.
The coolest flowers by Tamzen at Alba and Ebon
Beautiful hair and makeup by Kirby and Brianna at Designer Bride
and so many more wonderful people who were part of this day...

Erin + Marcus | Wedding at Quamby Estate

A sneak peek of Erin and Marcus' wedding day at Quamby Estate (a  few more than a  sneak peek!)  All their family and friends flew in from interstate and thoroughly enjoyed  Quamby Estate I'm sure!  Had to share  Erin's flowers as they were just amazing.

Erin_Marcus_17March2012_0004 copy
Erin_Marcus_17March2012_0386 copy
Erin_Marcus_17March2012_1840 copy
Erin_Marcus_17March2012_1557 copy

Monday, March 19, 2012

big 7

We had the big 7 at our house this week.  Hattie is great!  Makes us laugh, tear our hair out, shake our heads... she is awesome!  This bright orange dress normally makes me cringe but I was loving it yesterday in the sun...

IMG_5639 copy

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Melita and Wayne | love

Time to catch up on some weddings!  I have so many waiting to show you!  Way back in January I had the privilege of being at Melita and Wayne's elopement.  It was so intimate, so special. These two have quite a history and finally after a  very long time found each other again.  They were simply meant to be.    It was a  crazy windy day on the East Coast so we went with the windswept look and love it!  This couple I would love to photograph when they are old and have grandkids all around them.  I can imagine Wayne talking non stop and  telling stories.... magic x

Melita_Wayne__6January2012_0025 copy
Melita_Wayne__6January2012_0873 copy

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mark + Lindene | love

Fantastic couple
Fantastic location
Fantastic everything
I told them they could come and be bride and groom for me anytime!
Top of my list for favourite dress.
stripey straws.
a  perfect cake.
amazing flowers by Alba and Ebon
and perfect makeup by Designer Bride
Mark and Lindene - the biggest thank you for asking me to capture all of this x

Lindene_Mark_20January2012_0002 copy
Lindene_Mark_20January2012_0996 copy
Lindene_Mark_20January2012_1752 copy
Lindene_Mark_20January2012_2006 copy