Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Emma + Craig | love

Funnest wedding ever! So much happening.... Amanda doing awesome hair, me ironing Jimmy's shirt,  a black eye,  Craig in hospital the morning of his wedding with gastro, colourful dresses, Mr Whippy  ice-cream for dessert, sprinkles, the beach, .... it was fabulous!  Emma did a  wonderful job with the details, Craig was  a star singing with his best men while Emma walked down the beach "isle",  even Rohan the celebrant played the bongo drums!  Loved spending time with these fun people.

Emma_Craig_14January2012_0138 copy
Emma_Craig_14January2012_0266 copy
Emma_Craig_14January2012_0533 copy
Emma_Craig_14January2012_0255 copy
Emma_Craig_14January2012_0260 copy
Emma_Craig_14January2012_0655 copy
Emma_Craig_14January2012_0737 copy
Emma_Craig_14January2012_0935 copy
Emma_Craig_14January2012_1291 copy
Emma_Craig_14January2012_1303 copy
Emma_Craig_14January2012_1392 copy
Emma_Craig_14January2012_1633 copy
Emma_Craig_14January2012_1686 copy
Emma_Craig_14January2012_1778 copy
Emma_Craig_14January2012_1835 copy
Emma_Craig_14January2012_1813 copy
Emma_Craig_14January2012_2430 copy
Emma_Craig_14January2012_2494 copy


  1. Oh Chels, these are so wonderful! I totally fell for the one in B&W where they're in those ruins, sitting down. Wow-za.

  2. Love the way you have captured everyone ... also love the bride's beautiful eyes ... they're awesome! Thanks for sharing your talent and work with us ...

  3. Lookslike an awesome wedding . Love the one where theyre serving icecream! Fun!!!,

  4. i think this has to be my favorite wedding relaxed and so much fun...loved the dresses of the bridesmaids.....the photo booth was awesome*******(saw mums old camera there...(watery eyes).....)

  5. Fantastic photos! Congratulations from Swifty's mum xxx