Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ali + Stew | wedding at The Leaning Church Vineyard

I have been so excited to share Ali and Stew's wedding on my blog ever since the minute I drove away from their reception at The Leaning Church Vineyard in Lalla.

Ali and Stew's wedding was featured on Rock and Roll Bride which was a treat for me!

The day was full of things different and special right from the 1st minute where I got to see an album I had done for Ally as a present for her husband to be. Stew and Ali's dog Roxie was part of the wedding and she was awesome! It was so great to be able to spend time with the boys before I saw Ali and have a little shoot with them. I knew from the minute I saw Stew's record collection and Ali showed me her shoes that these two were going to be fun. Last year when Ali and I did a little shoot for Stew's pressie Ali even endured leeches! Fond memories!

Ali and Stew had thought of everything Alice and Wonderlandy to make this a  party and a wedding so ripe for a photographer!  The Leaning Church Vineyard at Lalla was the perfect spot for it.  The invitations, signs to guide guests, menus, table decorations, balloons, Ali's amazing dress and headpiece, the bouquet and the boys boutonni√®res made by Ali's wonderful Mum, the chandeliers, the VW van and so much more... it was so amazing.  Read Ali's words on Rock and Roll Bride for more details.

I can't thank Ali and Stew enough for letting me be part of it xx

Ali_Stew_18February2012_0123 copy
Ali_Stew_18February2012_0371 copy
Ali_Stew_18February2012_0685 copy
Ali_Stew_18February2012_2349 copy
Ali_Stew_18February2012_2701 copy


  1. Wow, that is incredible! So much preparation and attention to detail! Gorgeous shots, Chels! xx

  2. Love them all !!!! Great pics :-)