Tuesday, October 4, 2011

working on

Im working on a  photoshoot I did last Saturday of a  delightfully talkative and happy couple, Katrina and David.  Loved spending time with them.  Photos to come later in the week.

Just wanted to share three awesome things that came along with me to this shoot.  A  big thankyou to Archive Antiques Books and Collectibles for the lend of the retro radio.  I love so many things in this shop.  It makes me dream of photoshoots I could do!


And a  huge thankyou to Hobart City Mission Bargain Warehouse on Main Road Moonah for the lend of the awesome yellow couch!  And for reversing the trailer for me!!!


And lastly David brought along with him an old old Quiver book.  It gave us a  few laughs...


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